Here are my FAQ’s :)

Q; What’s your name?
A; Claire Calamaio :)

Q; How old are you?
A; 17 :D

Q; Do you follow back?
A; Yes, I do. :)

Q; Are you the girl on YouTube that sings?
A; Yes I am :)

Q; Do you do promos?
A; Nope!

Q; How long have you had Tumblr?
A; For like EVER. But I never got on here until like the beginning of May 2011.

Q; What grade are you in?
A; 10th :)

Q; How did you get your music?
A; I went to, create account, then click on the cassette tape at the right & choose your settings :)

Q; Do you love me?
A; Yes. I do :) Thanks for reading this <3

Any other questions? Don’t be afraid to ask :) I don’t bite <3

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